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We all know and love the classic fairy tale Jack and the beanstalk! Today we are sharing with you 14 Jack and the beanstalk activities that are perfect for kids of all ages. Enjoy these fun ideas, crafts, and activities!

Image shows a compilatino of jack and the beanstalk activities for toddlers.
This is an all-time favorite fairy tale!

Best Story of Jack and the Beanstalk Activity Ideas

Jack and the beanstalk is one of the classic tales that we all read when we were young children! It’s a classic story written by Joseph Jacobs and tells the story of Jack, a poor country boy who trades the family cow for a handful of magic beans. The magic beans grow into an enormous beanstalk that reaches the clouds, and at the top of the beanstalk, there is a castle that belongs to an unfriendly giant.

Do you remember what happens at the end of the story? Well, there are different versions, but we can all agree that it is an original story with a lot to learn about.

We made sure to add different ways for kids of different skill and grade levels to join the fun, and with simple supplies such as paper plates, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, etc. Let’s have some fun with these fairy tales activities based on the Jack and the beanstalk story!

Image shows a jack and the beanstalk coloring page from Activity Village
Color this bean plant coloring page!

1. Beanstalk Colouring Page

Grab your crayons, watercolor paints, markers, or whatever you prefer because we are sharing this Beanstalk coloring page that is so much fun. From Activity Village.

Image shows a puppet show based on jack and the beanstalk story. Idea from Little hands learning.
It’s time to grab your favorite toys!

2. Jack And The Beanstalk Puppet Show

We are recreating this story in a fun way – through a puppet show! It will help develop your toddler’s language skills, storytelling, and fine motor skills. From Little Hands Learning.

Image shows a jack and the beanstalk printable pattern pieces. From ABCs to ACTs
Enjoy a Jack and the Beanstalk theme day!

3. Jack and the Beanstalk Printable Pattern Pieces

These Jack and the beanstalk pattern pieces are a great way to make reviewing the lesson plans easier and fun. Print as many pages as you want, add magnets, and just be creative! Via From ABCs to ACTs.

Image shows a toddler holding a beanstalk craft. Idea from From abcs to acts
You can make your own beanstalk.

4. Jack and the Beanstalk Spiral Paper Plate Craft

Make a gigantic beanstalk of your very own with this fun craft! It’s a pretty quick craft that your kiddo can use to retell the story while putting their painting skills to work. Via From ABCs to ACTs.

Image shows a printable pack inspired by Jack and the beanstalk. From ABCs to ACTs
This activity pack is so much fun!

5. Jack and the Beanstalk Printable Coloring Pack

This coloring pack has so many different activities, such as color the pictures, color by number, arrange the story elements and more. There’s so much to do! Via From ABCs to ACTs.

Image shows a beanstalk plant with a castle drawing on top of it. Idea from Meaningful Mama.
Here’s a fun craft for you!

6. Jack and the Beanstalk Activty

This craft is a fun way that helps toddlers and older kids experience their favorite fairy tale in a very interactive way. By planting a bean plant, they’ll see the story develop in front of their eyes. Idea by Meaningful Mama.

Image shows a printable inspired by jack and the beanstalk. Idea from Fun with mama
This fun Jack and the beanstalk printable pack is waiting for you!

7. Jack and the Beanstalk Activities

Here are so many different math activities and literacy activities like sight words for children based on this famous story book. They are fun, educational, and free! From Fun With Mama.

Image shows a giant beanstalk craft with a toddler next to it. Idea from Fun learning with kids
Grab some pieces of construction paper for this craft!

8. Jack and the Beanstalk Alphabet Game

This Jack and the Beanstalk alphabet game is a super fun, fairy tale inspired activity! You can even use it to teach kids numbers, shapes and sight words. From Fun Learning With Kids.

Image shows a sensory bin inspired on jack and the beanstalk. Idea from Fun learning for kids
Let’s make a sensory bin!

9. Jack and the Beanstalk Activity: Build a Castle in the Clouds

Build a castle in the clouds like in the story with soap and lego bricks! This STEM and sensory activity is so easy to set up, but guarantees hours and hours of fun. From Fun Learning For Kids.

Image shows a kid playing with a math activity based on jack and the beanstalk. Ide from Fantastic Fun and Learning
Let’s practice our math skills!

10. Jack and the Beanstalk Math Activity

Here’s a fun way to practice counting, creating sets, comparing numbers and more with a free printable Jack and the Beanstalk Math Activity from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Image shows a paper that say magic beans with a handful of beans next to it. Idea from Reading Confetti
Let’s make a huge beanstalk!

11. Magic Beans

This is one of those activities that for sure take time, so kids will need to be patient, but at the end of it, their lima beans will transform into a real-life beanstalk! From Reading Confetti.

Image shows foam and a small bean plant in a bin. Idea from Small potatoes
A perfect activity to accompany the book.

12. Weekly Kid’s Co-Op…Jack and the Beanstalk

Build your own giant’s castle in the sky, complete with clouds and a golden goose! This activity doubles as a sensory bin so toddlers can explore the world through their hands. From My Small Potatoes.

Image shows a sensory bin inspired by jack and the beanstalk. idea by Fantastic fun and learning
Here’s another fun sensory bin idea!

13. Jack and the Beanstalk Sensory Bin and Story Retelling Activity

Make this sensory bin with simple stuff you probably already have at home, like pinto beans, lima beans, green glass beads, and alphabet leaves. It’s so easy to set up, and it provides hours of fun for toddlers and kindergarteners. From Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Image shows dIY golden eggs based on Jack and the beanstalk story. Idea from Rainy Day mum
Make your own golden eggs!

14. Jack and the Beanstalk Golden Egg Counting and Number Games

Here’s a fun math game inspired by the golden eggs that the hen lays in the story, perfect for practicing counting numbers 1-10 for toddlers and preschoolers. Get the printables from Rainy Day Mum.

Want more literacy activities for your Kiddo? Check out these ideas from Kids Activities Blog:

Which Jack and the beanstalk activities for toddlers did you like the most? Do you have another idea we could do? Write it in the comments!

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