7 Reasons ‘My Father’s Dragon’ Should Be Your Next Netflix Family Movie

Without spoiling too much, let’s just say that Elmer and Boris both come through for each other with no expectation of anything in return. That selflessness really resonates with Matarazzo and Tremblay.

“I think if you have the right people in your life, they’re doing something selfless for you on a regular basis. I think that’s essentially in keeping people close and truly loving people and learning how to be good, and that usually comes from your family and your friends that you develop from a young age — that selfless acts need to be a part of your daily life. And, of course, there are moments that come back from when you’re quite young,” explains Matarazzo.

For him, those early defining memories of selflessness come courtesy of his mom: “I think my mother, for the most part, dropping so much of her time and her life and devoting it to me developing my craft and getting to do what I love at a young age was just… it never registered as much as it does now, as I get older.” Her willingness to drop everything and read lines with him or shuttle him to auditions? “That will stay with me forever,” Matarazzo reveals.

Tremblay admires his parents’ selflessness, too. “They truly care for my future and really want what’s best for me.” One instance really stands out for him — a time in his life when he was doing online schooling and feeling lonely. When he shared that with his mom, “she stepped up. She called the school principal, and she got me in school right away (laughs). That was very, very special to me.”

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