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One of our favourite types of sensory boxes to do involve water beads, we love the feeling of them, playing with them, but also sorting them out into their assorted colours.  I wanted this Halloween water bead tray to have purple, orange, yellow, and black water beads.  However, the supplier seems to have lost my purple and orange ones.  Black and yellow it is then.

Please don’t do this activity with children who are under 3 and/or prone to putting things in their mouths.  Water beads pose a serious chocking hazard, and if swallowed can cause blockages. 

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To make your own Halloween water bead sensory tray you will need:

  • Water beads*
  • Wooden spoons
  • Bowl
  • Deep sided baking tray
  • Glass/bottles
  • Plastic spiders/insects (optional)

*You can buy individual colours on Amazon, Etsy, or eBay.

Place your water beads into a big mixing bowl and fill it with water.  The water beads can take up to 24 hrs to fully expand.

Add them to your tray with a couple of spoons, bottles/glasses, and any other Halloween related items you might have.

When YC saw that I was hydrating the water beads, she immediately asked if we could sort them into colours.  BB just loved squishing them.

Halloween water bead tray

Once you have finished playing with them, rather than throw them away, give them a good rinse, drain them, and then let them dehydrate.  That may take a few days to fully do (just make sure you put them somewhere warm).  Then you can use them at a later point.

Do remember to keep pets away from these too.

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Halloween water bead tray

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