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Today I’m going to plug for my own product – but at the bottom of this post, I’m giving you a great deal on this!

Zeke is going to be using The Gentle + Classical Preschool this year, but I wanted to add in a worksheet a day to his curriculum. He loves worksheets, and I like having a record of how much he is learning. I designed this Page-A-Day Preschool Journal for him to use in conjunction with his curriculum, but I also made it where it can be a free-standing preschool journal for any preschooler! This would be an excellent supplement to any preschool curriculum, and it would also be great to use on its own for a quick lesson time with your child. You could also use it as a great jumping-off point and add in books, crafts, and other activities if you wish. 

There are four worksheets for each week. The first three focus on a letter-a-week, and the fourth worksheet is a math worksheet. These math worksheets touch on different early math topics and skills such as counting, number recognition, shapes, colors, and patterns. 

The first three worksheets for each week focus on a letter and follow a predictable pattern. The first worksheet has the letter to trace and a picture to embellish. 

The second worksheet has uppercase and lowercase dot recogniton and pictures to color that begin with that letter. This is great for speech and vocabulary building!

The third worksheet has a large letter outline with an idea for filling the letter and tracing lines at the bottom. 

Zeke’s curriculum will not go through the alphabet in order, so I made these worksheets where they don’t have to be used in order. This Page-A-Day Preschool Learning Journal is 104 pages and prints in black and white. I have it for $10.00 in my Etsy shop (link in sidebar!), but I have it for 70% right now! It’s only $3.00. Check it out!!

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