My Full Heart: Learning About the Old Testament with Home School in the Woods

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Home School in the Woods

Home School in the Woods is not a new company to our family – we’ve used several of their products throughout the years including the Timeline Collection, the Artists Activity Pak, and the US Elections Lapbook (click each link to read my review on those products)! When I was given the chance to pick a product from Home School in the Woods to use with Silas and Titus, I was excited to choose the Activity Pak: Old Testament. I wanted the boys to have a Bible study over the summer, and this seemed like it would fit the bill.

The Old Testament Activity Pak is full of activities! There are 15 lapbooking projects included that all go together in a huge file folder lapbook. There are also 25 Proverbs for copy work and illustrating along with an Old Testament Tribune newspaper template. This product came as a digital download with lots of files, but luckily, they were organized very well and easy to access for printing purposes. There is also a file with instructions for each of the lapbooking projects, and a file containing step-by-step instructions and pictures for assembling the lapbook. 

The 15 lapbooking projects are based on important stories and facts about the Old Testament in the Bible. The different projects are:

  • Creation
  • Jubal and Tubal Cain
  • From Adam to Joseph
  • Noah and the Flood
  • The Tower of Babel
  • Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac
  • Sodom and Gomorrah
  • The Ten Plagues of Egypt
  • Ten Commandments
  • Hebrew History with Egypt
  • Israel’s First Three Kings
  • Division of the Hebrew Kingdom
  • The Fiery Furnace
  • Ruth, Naomi, and Esther
  • Major and Minor Prophets 

Each of these projects is a mini, interactive book of some sort. Printing these is a bit time consuming – I opted to print three a week, which is the pace we used to complete all 15 in the review period. You have to print the templates one at a time because some of them need colored paper or cardstock to print, but the ink used to print is only black. You will also need scissors, glue, tape, colored pencils, and sometimes a paper brad or other object found easily around the house. 

The boys and I would read the story or part of the story from the Bible and then work on the mini book that went with it. There were times I wish we weren’t going through it so fast so we could dig a little deeper into the scriptures, but that was my fault for setting such a goal. We are very familiar with the Bible stories, so I would ask lots of questions and try to start some discussions on what we were working on. 

They enjoyed the cutting, gluing, and assembling of the books, but there were a few that took a while to complete (like the major and minor prophet books). When we finished making all 15 of the projects, we used the directions to assemble the entire lapbook. This took us a while to do and was a little frustrating at times to fit everything where it was supposed to go, but they were really pleased with the finished product! The directions were pretty easy to follow, and thankfully had pictures since I’m a visual learner.

We also worked a bit on the Old Testament Tribune and the boys really had fun with this! Even I participated in this activity. We took the headlines and wrote our own investigative reports on the Bible stories. We had a blast making the stories sound like something ripped from the headlines today. There are places to illustrate the stories and even funny advertisements to make. This is a really great creative writing project, and I was excited to sneak in some writing instruction this summer! I plan to finish these templates and then assemble the ‘scroll’ newspaper.

 We didn’t get to work on the Proverbs yet since we were working on the lapbook for most of the time. This would even be a great stand-alone activity to use for copy work during the schoolyear. 

Home School in the Woods Activity Paks are great for hands-on learners who don’t mind cutting, coloring, and gluing. Kids who love to make things and work on projects little by little could really benefit from these Activity Paks. There are lots of different topics to choose from – Old Testament, New Testament, Artists, Composers, and Make-A-State. They also offer different products such as Hands on History Lapbooks, Printable Essential Timeline Library, Project Passport World History Studies, and more. Check out all of the fun hands-on activities offered by Home School in the Woods. Click the banner below to read more reviews on some of the different products offered by Home School in the Woods!
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