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We had regular church this morning, and this evening we had a Family Fun Night. We had a waterslide and burgers, and it was so much fun. The day started rainy and overcast, but slowly the sun came out and it turned out to be a nice day! We played board games in the fellowship hall. My sister and her husband, Eli, me, my mother-in-law, and another lady played Chameleon. This is such a fun game!! I wish I would have gotten some pictures, but we were too busy laughing. When we got home, Mercie got to ride Butterfinger for the first time. Like, she was the first person to ever get on him. She’s been working with him for a year or so. You couldn’t even touch him when she first started working with him! I am so impressed with how much she has learned and how well she did with him.

I made this cake for church!


Today my parents and my sister, her husband, and his son, and Mikaela and Daniel came over for lunch. My dad grilled all the meat (he’s a great griller and has a bigger grill than we do) and brought it, my mom brought her famous baked beans, and I made homemade ice cream. We had a delicious lunch and visited for several hours. When they left, Rod, the kids, and I played Chameleon and had a blast. It really is fun to play. Rod had to leave to go back to work (he works four hours away during the week). It was a fun and relaxing July 4th. 

I’m 28 weeks pregnant Saturday!


We skipped speech today. I wasn’t up for the drive and Silas had a recheck at the doctor on his legs. He’s been fighting a nasty staph infection on both legs, knee to ankle. The doctor put him on another week of Bactrim plus three days of Prednisone. He wants him to continue with his bleach baths each night, forgoing socks and jeans for bare feet and shorts (so unlike Silas – my boots and jeans wearing cowboy!), and applying Bactroban twice a day. After his appointment, we ran to Walmart to grab his medicine along with dog food, tick medicine for the dogs, more shorts for Silas (he only has a few pair since he never wears them), and some bread. We also picked up snow-cones for everyone on the way home. We did a lesson in ARTistic Pursuits (a review item) and in our Homeschool in the Woods Old Testament lap-book. Silas and Titus each worked a math lesson on CTC Math. Our homeschool curriculum came in (for the most part), so I went through those books and got excited. I think I made some excellent choices for this school year! My dad took Titus to Taekwondo for me and then he spent the night at their house.

Homeschool in the Woods Old Testament lapbook

ARTistic Pursuits – still life

The biggest thing that happened today was Mikaela and Ken got married! They’ve been talking about it for a while now, but they just decided to go ahead and do it. They went to the courthouse, and my dad met them up there and married them in the parking lot! I’m sure they’ll want to have a ceremony later on, but they wanted to go ahead and make it legal before God and man. Mikaela will be starting nursing school in August and I’ve been helping her with all of her applications and appointments necessary for that. She’s really excited!


The kids and I went to the church today and cleaned the fellowship hall. We moved tables and chairs, swept, mopped, and decorated the tables. It was exhausting but I’m so happy we did it. I enjoy doing this small service for the church. My husband’s great uncle passed away this week, and his funeral will be Sunday. I wanted things to look nice, cheery, and simple for the service. We will be feeding the family (yes we are family, too) at noon on Sunday. Mercie went to church tonight with my parents. It rained quite a bit for a while! Zeke did some alphabet puzzles that came in today.

The vases say “Squeeze the Day”

These two piece alphabet puzzles are great!


This morning Zeke and I made a pretty cool snail craft after reading the book Spiral by Spiral. Silas and Titus each did a lesson in CTC Math and made a mini book for their Old Testament lapbook. They spent some time outside before it got too hot – we were under a heat advisory for heat indexes of 110-115. Eli had to work but came home for lunch. I fried French fries and put some chicken patties in the oven for a quick lunch. I had put pork tenderloin in the crockpot earlier this morning for supper tonight, and it was so good! My dad too Titus to Taekwondo again, which was super nice. I get tired of all the running around I have to do sometimes!

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